Two Wheeler Battery Chargers :  

Model : 2 D Model : 6 D Model : 10 D

Model No

2 D




Mains Voltage

230 V AC 1PH 50 Hz

230 V AC

230 V AC

230 V AC

Suitable To Charge

12V X 2 Batteries

12 V X 6 Batteries

12V X10 Batteries

12 V X20 Batteries

Recommended For Battery Capacity

2.5 To 5 AH

2.5 To 9 AH

2.5 To 9 AH 

2.5 To 9 AH

Charging Current

0.25 & 0.5 AMPS

0.25 /0.5/0.7/0.9 AMPS

0.25 & 0.5 AMPS

0.25 & 0.5 AMPS

Dimensions In mm   ( H X W X D )

185 X 155 X 165 

185 X 405 X 180 

185 X 1305 X 210

185 X 1305 X 250


2 Kg

4 Kg

11 Kg

18 Kg

Type of Battery Can be Charged






Constant Current Battery Charger is especially designed for two wheeler batteries. This is most modern and sophisticated electronic battery charger. Eye pleasing exterior, sturdy interior and proven electronic circuit makes it successful. On this charger current can be set according to requirement of battery on each channel separately.

Rigid Construction : Above charger is housed in well ventilated sheet metal cabinet painted with acid resistant stoving paint on both sides. Each outlet is provided with screw type bakelite terminals marked +ve & -ve. Vacuum impregnated Transformer is used for high insulation, efficiency and long life.

About VRLA Chargers:

In a recent past VRLA /M.F technology has come up in the market. These batteries are very sensitive to heat and need very precise charging. Over charging is very harmful for the batteries, overcharging dries out the electrolyte by driving the oxygen & hydrogen out of the battery through the pressure relief valves and hence performance and life of battery reduces. It is always advisable to charge the batteries on specific charger Therefore we have developed sophisticated charger .The output voltage of charger is precisely regulated and has very low ripple which is actually cause of internal heat of battery. On this charger the M.F batteries get charged faithfully and efficiently


ON, REV, CHRG. are main indication on front panel.

  1. ON : This indicator shows whether the connections have been made properly or  not.
  2. REV : This indicator indicates reverse connection of battery.
  3. CHRG : This indicator will glow up when battery reaches to end of the charge


Short Circuit, Reverse Polarity & Over Charging

Note :

Uncharged Battery takes about 8 to 12 hours to get fully charged.