Rectifier Unit for Electro Plating and Anodising :

All our rectifiers are Custom Built, as per requirement of different voltages ( DC ) for Electroplating applications, i.e. 0-16 (DC) or for normal Anodising up to 30 V (DC) and hard Anodising up to 120 V(DC). The current range is from 50 A (DC) to anything up to 5000 A (DC), as per requirements of individual customers.Due to corrosive atmosphere prevailing in most of the Plating and Anodising shops.

We generally  recommend OIL-COOLED type of Rectifier units to customers, However if the customer takes proper care in isolating rectifier unit from the Plating /Anodising bath, then  AIR-COOLED Rectifier can also be suggested.  

Standard Applications:

  • Electroplating & Anodising
  • Hydrogenation
  • Battery Charging
  • Electrochemical Process