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Introduction of Engine Cranker :

nana industries the trusted name over 54 years in the line of all types of battery chargers & battery testers in India has recently developed the new state of the art most useful equipment called engine cranker.

It is basically an industrial grade hi current dc, power supply. Robust construction yet attractive looking & easy operation are the main features of this equipment.

It is designed for starting ( cranking ) any automotive or industrial Diesel / petrol engine . There are three different models according to the starter motor operating voltage.

There are two main applications of this gadget.

First, it is very useful where 3 or 4 diesel Gen-sets are installed in one shed. By using this machine there is no need to keep separate batteries for starting the individual Gen-set. Only one DG set is to be started on the battery and with the power output of that DG set, cranker will start all remaining engines without the help of batteries.

Thus recurring expenses of the batteries can be saved as well battery maintenance cost will be avoided. Plus there  is no need of battery charger or engine alternator also.

Secondly using Cranker is also beneficial for big Automotive Service stations or Huge Automotive Workshops, where number of Engines are Overhauled and tested. To start there Engines using these Batteries is a troublesome job, as the Batteries get discharged during repeatitive Cranking. But the Cranker won't, as it operates on mains it would crank the engine without any hassel.
Hence for those who are cautious about saving of the time and to avoid Technical deficiency will definitely think about accompanying this most useful equipment in the fleet of their special garage equipments.