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Model : HRD-2W ( 12 V DC, Two Wheeler battery Charger)

We all know that now a days almost all vehicles are equipped with battery. After charging the battery it is very essential to check whether the battery is fully charged or not. Checking the gravity by hydrometer is half checking, to check the A.H. capacity it is necessary to test the battery on load.

To achieve this the tester is suitable to test 12V 2.5 AH and 12 5A H. battery. This is load tester which tests battery voltage on load condition. By using this tester you can check the battery thoroughly on test bench as well as on vehicle.

How to test the battery?

First select A. H. switch according to battery capacity.

Then connect red wire to the positive terminal of the battery and black wire to the negative terminal of the battery.

Push PRESS TO START button and release, an audible signal will come out for few seconds. Now within this period if GOOD L.E.D. remains ON then your battery is capable to furnish recommended A.H. , if it shifts to BAD L.E.D. it means the battery is weak.

This battery tester is suitable for all two wheeler garages, servicing stations, battery shop cum charging centers, battery manufacturers. 

Digital Hi Rate Battery tester with Additional Audio / Visual Continuity Tester

2. Model HRD - 4W  

Model: HRD-4W ( 12 V DC , Four Wheeler Battery Charger)

Features of This Product 

  • It will indicate correct status of your battery.
  • Check output voltage of your vehicle's charging system.
  • Most convenient check Alternator Diode Plates, Cutouts, & Auto Lamps.
  • It will operate in both Vertical & Horizontal  positions.
  • Bold L.E.D. 3 ½ Digit 7 Segment Display.
  • Clear chart for battery condition ( OK-WEAK-BAD )
  • Well ventilated 18 SWG Powder Coated Sheet Metal Cabinet with  inbuilt handle
  • Attractive PVC outer  container for safety storage.

Apart from all our standard product range , we also design & manufacture custom Built;

  1. Battery Testers
  2. Battery Capacity Checking Equipment
  3. Different capacity & Different types of Loading Banks for various applications such as Alternator Testing , Transformer Testing, Battery Testing Etc.